Monday, 26 September 2011

aint nuffin but a speedpaint

and thats it for today.

Teen Satan

SaTeen? Er, maybe not. Anyway.

Theyre so moody at that age - anyway still playing around with colour and thought i'd sketch something a bit different for good ol fashioned pen danglin fun

Saturday, 17 September 2011

you guessed it

more studies and stuff

still trying to figure out what exactly it is that takes a piece to THE NEXT LEVEL. I know theres plently of artists out there who seem to manage it, seemingly effortlessly, so trying to figure out how and what theyre upto seems like it might pay off. Even if i'm not actually going to emulate their particular style

So heres a few studies of pieces by "bumskee" - i really love how suggestive his work can be, and that whole "Implied detail" thing he's up to all the time. Most impressive!

Then based on the stuff i've been doing over the past few weeks i tried to apply it to a pic of my own. Nothing fancy, just a stock image, but useful.

And speaking of useful, or not, heres a process pic.
Nailing a process of some sort is what this is all about after all, and it feels like i'm getting closer to...something. I think.

Off on holiday for a bit now, so will be even quieter round these parts than before. When i get back i think i'll carry on in a similar vein for a while - possibly till the end of the year? After that, then hopefully i can start tackling my own stuff again, better, stronger, FASTER than before!